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Note: this is useful in cases where you need your player to navigate through colliders which are necessary during normal gameplay but may need to be bypassed during a cutscene. Or colliders which are necessary during most gameplay but you have special situations where you need to have the colliders get out of the player's way temporarily.

Teleporting will force an object to a new position, but moving it over time will cause it to react to Unity's physics system, so it's not the best option.  This isn't an issue unique to AC, and is more related to just the way Unity works.  But, you have a few options:

  1. Move the wall collider out of the way, rather than remove it.  It's possible to bring it back by placing a prefab of it within a Resources asset folder, but that's more complicated - just give it a Moveable component and use the Object: Transform Action to move it.
  2. Have your character's animation only affect the position of the player's sprite child, leaving the position of the root object the same.  This would give the appearance of them climbing/moving, but without the physicality.
  3. Use a custom Action to make the player's collider a Trigger while it's necessary.

[Original tip provided by ChrisIceBox]