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Character portraits can be placed inside a Subtitles menu (see this tutorial). This script causes them to be flipped horizontally whenever the character is facing sceen-left, so that their portrait is consistent with their facing direction.

To use it:

  1. Configure your Subtitles menu with a portrait graphic, and have the Menu use Unity UI.
  2. Copy/paste the code below into a C# script named FlipPortraitLeft.
  3. Attach the Flip Portrait Left component to your UI Canvas prefab, and assign both the Canvas, and the portrait Image components, in its Inspector.
  4. Adjust your portrait graphics so that they all face screen-right.


using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.UI;
using AC;

public class FlipPortraitLeft : MonoBehaviour

	public Canvas canvas;
	public Image portraitImage;

	void Update ()
		Speech speech = KickStarter.dialog.GetLatestSpeech ();
		Menu menu = KickStarter.playerMenus.GetMenuWithCanvas (canvas);
		if (menu != null && menu.speech != null)
			speech = menu.speech;
		if (speech == null) return;
		Char speaker = speech.GetSpeakingCharacter ();
		if (speaker == null ) return;
		bool isFacingRight = Vector3.Dot (speaker.TransformForward, Camera.main.transform.right) > 0f;
		Vector3 scale = portraitImage.rectTransform.localScale;
		if (isFacingRight)
			if (scale.x < 0f) scale.x *= -1f;
			if (scale.x > 0f) scale.x *= -1f;
		portraitImage.rectTransform.localScale = scale;