2D Mirror/Water reflections (Shader and script by Hedgefield)2D first person navigation2D point and click along one axis
2D point triggerA 2.5D camera selector editorAction Check Language
Adding image effectsAdding images to documents and journalsAdventure Creator Wikia
Allow skipping of old Conversation optionsAnima2D and sorting mapsArticy:Draft sample integration
Auto-assign custom speech audioAuto-move items to a ContainerAuto-pause the game when losing focus
Avoid player stuck in colliders. Examples.CNControls Integration (Virtual Joystick)Camera - Constrained first-person
Cancel Interaction MenusChange a menu's "Appear type" at runtimeChanging Cinemachine camera priority
Changing character speed with slope angleCombining PointAndClick with Direct Movement MethodsCompare relative object positions
Creating a global ContainerCreating a global ConversationCreating a scrollable list of Hotspot interactions
Custom Action - Variable: MultiBoolCheckCustom Actions - Part 1Custom Tokens Example
Custom touch-screen input moduleCustom trigger (triggers one actionlist when entering and another when exiting)Displaying the cursor in Unity UI
Dynamic 2D camera limitsFading with Unity UIFinalIK Interaction Resume (AC Action)
FinalIK Interactions Integration (AC Action)FinalIK head-turningFinalIK integration - (manage) Limbs Action
FinalIK integration - (set and adjust) Body Effector ActionFinal IK: Start Interaction (AC Action)First-person camera facing while dragging
First-person crouchingFirst Person speed parametersFrame-flipping for Sprites Unity Complex characters
Generating speech from spreadsheetsGlobal TimerHold input to flash Hotspots
Input System integrationKinematic Character Controller integrationLife Is Strange-style interactions
Limiting a Hotspot to multiple camerasLimiting the times an ActionList can runLink an Animator parameter to a Variable
Linking AC and Bolt variablesLock move direction while jumpingLock unlock cursor based on active UI
Make a 2D camera follow the mouseManage Video Player ActionMobile joystick example
Mousewheel-scrolling through listsMoving characters randomlyMoving characters to specific vectors
Multi Sprite Fader (Script+CustomAction)Multiple IFs. Chained Variable:Check examples.NavMesh Agent Wrap
Override inventory clicksPer-language MenusPlaying speech from ID
Post processing depth of fieldPosting GuidelinesPrerendered videos as backdrop during cutscenes or general gameplay
Press space to finish loadingProximity-based Interaction menusPsai Music Engine Integration (Action)
Quest Objectives and sub-ObjectivesRandomize speech audio (Random Syllables)Referencing last used hotspot
RememberParticle scriptRestore Animator parameters when re-enablingReturn PickUps to original position
Rewired integrationRogo Lipsync (No audio) 01 - Play ActionRogo Lipsync (No audio) 02 - Stop Action
Rogo Lipsync (No audio) 03 - Set Emotion ActionRunning Animations when game is pausedScrolling text and Scrolling text audio.
Shifting inventory with drag-and-dropShowing Hotspot icons with a keypressShuffling music tracks
Simple Global TimerSimple Touch Controller integrationSimultaneous Hotspot labels
Sorting 3D characters in 2D scenesSpine IntegrationStoring Action data in Json
Super Text Mesh subtitle integrationSyncing blendshapes between multiple modelsText Mesh Pro integration
UI Text labels - custom ActionUltimate Character Controller integrationUnity 2018.2 Pixel-perfect camera
Unity First Person Controller integrationUnity Third Person Controller integrationUnity UI-based cursor
Unity analytics Integration (AC Action)Unlock Steam Achievement (AC Action)Use Cameras as Markers
Use items on an AC CharacterUsing AC actions through scriptingUsing PlayMaker to control the Player
Wait a random time within an specified time range (Action)
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