Adventure Creator Wikia

Required are the following Unity assets:


Known Issues in Version 1.0a:

  • AC Face After Moving - Not working
  • AC Walk to Marker - Not working on Player class in 3rd Person View as the camera movement influences the walking path
  • AC Player constraint "Disable Movement" in Direct Movement - Not working
  • AC Walking/Running doesn't work on keyboard or mouse (double click) inputs but on controllers (analog sticks)
  • AC Footsteps system not working. Use the system of MxM
  • AC Movement Methods: Drag and Straight to Cursor not working

The current version of the script can be downloaded here: Github

Demo Video (using Movement Animset Pro Animations):


Motion Matching in Adventure Creator (script download link is in the description)

Demo Video (using MxM default Animations):


Motion Matching in Adventure Creator & Kinematic Character Controller using MxM default animations

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