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Note: this can be used to create a simple global timer for your game.

You can create a Global integer Variable to store the number of e.g. seconds that have passed since your game begins.

Create a new ActionList that's set to Run In Background, and have it run a Variable: Set Action to increase the integer's value by 1, then an Engine: Wait Action to wait 1 second, then loop back to the first Action.  If you then assign this as your ActionList on start game (in the Settings Manager), it'll track how many seconds have passed.

You can then use those seconds to calculate hours and minutes by putting an actionlist running in parallel (or generally at the same time). Just have two other Global variable to store the minutes and the hours, then do the following calculations (should be possible to do this in the Variable:set using tokens):

Minutes = Seconds / 60

Hours = minutes / 60

Then just finalize it with a Engine:Wait to hold for 1 second and loop back to the beginning of the actionlist to repeat. That should give you a basic timer for your game.

[Original tip was provided by ChrisIceBox, extended by Alerik]