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Note: This little tip is perfect for 3D Environments that uses the same conversation over a variety of different places in on scene, without having to make or keep track of multiple Conversations/Dialogs/Actions.

With this you will be able to keep using the same conversation, with the same Camera shots (e.g. Over shoulder cameras) no matter where this conversation takes place, as long as you keep track of a basic set up.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Naming Conventions! Make some up. You WILL need them here! You have been warned.

  • First, set up your cameras for the conversation

I usually use 3: A camera for character a, a camera for character b and a camera for both of them (while selecting the dialog for example).

Do this for every location the conversation needs to take place.

Important! Once you have set up the first set of cameras, make a mental note on how many cameras you made. You need to replicate the amount of cameras (and their purpose eg. close up, stablisher, for every set)

(Those cameras will be used as markers, later on)

  • Add "Marker (Script)" to the cameras

You need to do this to tell AC that it can use the transformation info of those cameras.

Click on the camera you want to add the script and "Add component -> Marker (Script)".

(Since AC is seeing the cameras as markers now, naming convention is crucial to not accidentally teleport your characters to those cameras, instead of the markers meant for the characters to go to. Rename your Marker-Cams to something you can easily recognize!)

  • Create the same amount of cameras you needed, again

Do you still remember how many cameras you made for each set?

Great! You will now create the actual cameras the player will look through! Basically you create another set of the cameras you have.

These will be your TEMP camera markers. Naming conventions are again REALLY important here, so to keep track of what normal cameras are I just adding a gigantic "TEMP" in front of it.

eg: TEMP_Char1_CloseUP, TEMP_Char2_Closeup, TEMP_DialogChoice

(Those "Temp_Cams" will be used in your Actionlists)

  • Make the "TEMP_Cams" move into place

The last important step is to create something, that will teleport the "TEMP_Cam" to the correct place.

Simply set up triggers or cutscenes, that does that for you.

(eg. Teleport the "TEMP_Char1_Closeup" to "Dialog_Corner_Char1_Closeup". This will put the "TEMP_Cam" into our imaginary location at a corner, where our conversation will take place.)

In my case I had the NPC standing at 3 different spots, depending on where the player was in the scene. Since I have control over WHEN things happen, I decided that the cameras will be teleportat, when a cutscene is playing, that makes the character move up some stair, to enter a different part of the scene.

The cutscene itself is simply the "Object: Teleport" Action. The Object that will be teleportet is your Temp_Camera, the marker it will be teleporter to is the Camera you put the marker on.

  • You are done!

With this setup you are now able to make the conversations with your NPC.

Make sure to use the "TEMP_Cams" in your Actions. If you ever decide to change the "Marker_Cams" the change will be automatically reflected in the dialog. -Alverik's note: This tip was posted by AC user Suro-