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Note: This tip will not be of use if the item you want to used has an Actionlist Asset attached to it (because such items react instantly/are used instantly-, so no dragging is available for them). If you need to trigger some other actions when you drop the item over the player you need to do it through the actionlist in the hotspot (not the item). (alverik)

The process to accomplish this is as follows:

  • Place the Player on the default layer
  • If 3D, make sure there is a Capsule Collider that serves as the Hotspot's "bounding box". If 2D, attach a Box Collider 2D to the sprite child. Make sure "Is Trigger" is checked.
  • Add a Hotspot script to the same object as the collider and change the "Interaction source" to "Asset File"
  • Create your Inventory interaction within an ActionList asset, and link it to the Hotspot as normal

The need for "ActionList assets" is so that the interaction works regardless of which scene you're in.

It's also to note that you could probably change the Actionlist asset on the fly during gameplay using scripting (Code pending). -Alverik.

-Tip provided by ChrisIceBox-